Godmanchester and Huntingdon are twinned with Wertheim in Germany, Salon de Provence in France, Szentendre in Hungary and Gubbio in Italy. The principal aim of the Twinning Association is to further the good relationship between the towns of Huntingdon and Godmanchester and our four twin towns.

We do this by encouraging the formation of friendships between the different nationalities, both by individuals and groups, and especially between young people. We have an ambitious programme of exchanges and visits, ranging from quite small individual exchanges to very major festivals of sports and culture, in which teams of young people from all 6 towns compete every year, both here and abroad. Dancers, choirs, musicians and other performers travel between all the towns to entertain and to join in local events. See below for more details of our upcoming events.

While the Twinning Association is not a civic organisation we are recognised and supported by our Town Councils. The majority of our funding comes from events which we organise over the course of the year.

To learn more about what we do, please go to this page.

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Upcoming Events

Our next major venture is The Bridge Arts Festival. This will be the first event of its kind involving Huntingdon and Godmanchester and our twin towns, and takes place on April 6 and 7 2019. You can see the full programme of events here. To book tickets for the Arts events please use this form, and for all the latest news about the festival go to this link.

The Godmanchester Riverside Gala will feature the “Wertheim Fanfarenzug”, a fantastic marching band from our twin town of Wertheim. They will perform at the Gala on Saturday 6 July. More details about this will follow soon.